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Snippet Sunday – November 10, 2013

The witch, Hespa, has had Anwar thrown into a dungeon known as the Tombs.  He’s cold. He’s alone. But does he have what it takes to survive?

Did he dare cross the witch with so much at stake? As quickly as the thought materialized, he dismissed it as folly. A man knew his limitations.

An icy chill coursed through his body. Anwar cast off his cloak. His numbed hands trembled as he attempted to warm his arms, his thighs. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, anything to keep his blood flowing.

Then he heard it. The U’rudhene. Its steady dripping into the cells, a constant reminder to the condemned that their fate rested solely in the hands of the witch.


Reflection of a Tear

A torrent of tears in this ocean

Bittersweet memories longing for freedom

Wave upon wave surging forward

Raging, writhing

Yearning to find release

Ever-present, hidden, rising

Beneath its mirrored surface




Overwhelming sorrows

Break upon the shore

Cling upon the air

Gasping, fighting for breath

And are no more

Non-existence overtaking

Swept up in these tears

To flow again through glassy eyes

A stranger’s face

Looking out, pleading silently for help

Does anybody hear her, I wonder

And I realize

This morbid creature Is one I’ve never known

It’s me