Snippet Sunday – September 29, 2013

Could it be time for another snippet already? I hope you’re as excited as I am with the progression of Once Upon Nowhere. Here we find Tori Lawson, a bit melancholy as of late, still fighting the doldrums over this latest move. 

Even without the use of a lamp, she found the bedroom’s dingy wallpaper hideous. It reminded Tori of Old Lady McClain, whose own bedraggled house towered over the one Tori and her mother had only recently abandoned. She ran a hand over the yellowed print. Strawberries. Who puts strawberried wallpaper in a bedroom?

Old Lady McClain. That’s who.

The neighborhood kids were convinced she was a witch. Though Tori had never seen evidence to the contrary, her mother assured her that Hortense McClain was merely an elderly woman who preferred the company of cats.  And there were a lot of cats.

Yes, this wallpaper screamed of Old Lady McClain, and now Tori was stuck with it.


14 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – September 29, 2013

    1. marenbraley Post author

      I lived in a three-bedroom apartment building years ago. The landlady used the same combinations of wallpapers in all three apartments, only in different rooms. Let’s just say, I developed a fondness for it . . . eventually. 😉

  1. P.T. Wyant

    I agree… who puts strawberried wallpaper in a bedroom? Crazy cat ladies and awesome authors, that’s who! Great snippet… it’s the little things in our pasts that add up to who we are, so this is a nice bit of characterization.


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